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  1. Nausea during Pregnancy
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When should I book in to see a midwife?
  2. What is Maternal Serum Screening (MSS)? Do I have to do it? What happens if this test is positive?
  3. Can midwives order all the tests required in pregnancy?
  4. Do I have to pay for anything?
  5. Are medications safe for the common cold in pregnancy?


1. When should I book in to see a midwife?

We advise you book in with the Clinic as soon as you know you are pregnant.

2. What is Maternal Serum Screening (MSS)? Do I have to do it? What happens if this test is positive?

This is a blood test at 15-20 weeks gestation to determine the level of risk of your baby having Down Syndrome, Open Spina Bifida or Trisomy18. The best information is on the BC Women’s Hospital website. The site comprehensively explains the advantages and disadvantages of the test and what your choices are if the result is positive. Find out more about Maternal Serum Screening.

3. Can midwives order all the tests required in pregnancy?

Registered midwives in BC can order all investigations required for pregnancy. If there are any concerns then the midwife will discuss these with you and consult with either your doctor or an obstetrician.

4. Do I have to pay for anything?

All expenses are covered by MSP if you have a BC Care Card. If you have recently moved here from another province, then unfortunately you are not covered for care until you have the Care Card. You may pay privately for care if you so wish.

Tips for Nausea during Pregnancy

1. EAT!

Don’t let your stomach be fully empty. Keep a snack with you at all times. This keeps your blood sugar from dipping too low and triggering nausea.

Protein is your best source of sustained energy and will help you in preventing nausea. Eat some protein just before bed to avoid feeling queasy in the morning.


Dehydration is a cause of nausea and headaches. Aim for around 2 litres of water per day, unsweetened juices and herbal teas. Avoid soft drinks and caffeinated beverages.


Smells, tastes and textures that trigger your nausea.

Foods that can cause gas and bloating.

Sucking on candies on an empty stomach. Although this may temporarily relieve nausea, the digestive juices you stimulate could make matters worse.

Taking vitamin supplements on an empty stomach. Stop taking them if you find your nausea not improving, though continue with your folic acid supplement.

Aromatherapy oils are off-limits during the early stages of pregnancy (except for lavender).

4. TRY!

  • Acupressure with “Seabands” designed to assist with motion sickness; or firmly press an acupressure point that is 1/6th of the way between your wrist and elbow, in the middle of the inner side of your forearm.
  • Sleeping – exhaustion can aggravate nausea.
  • 250 mg Ginger 3 – 4 times a day in capsule form (do not exceed 1 gram) or drink 5-6 cups of the tea throughout the day.
  • Vitamin B6 25 mg throughout the day, not exceeding 150 mg.
  • Homeopathic remedies. These are usually prescribed on an individual basis but nux vomica, homeopathic ipecac and sepia may help. Ask for assistance when purchasing.
  • Teas such as fennel, spearmint and chamomile.
  • Digestive enzymes such as papain and bromelain at mealtime to aid digestion.
  • Activated charcoal (2 capsules up to twice a day) may also help relieve a ‘sour’ stomach.
  • Herbal remedies from a herbalist may also help.
  • Lavender essential oil, when inhaled, may help relieve some nausea.


Regular exercise such as walking and swimming may help.





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